What is Phollow?

Phollow is an app that lets you create and share information with people you know and trust. Take out your phone wherever you are, go to Phollow, and create a breadcrumb to let your friends know what you liked (or didn’t like) about the place.

Inside a breadcrumb, you can leave mementos--a photo, audio, or text. Any memento can be a surprise. These are mementos friends will be able to unlock--but only when they go to the same place.

What’s with the name?

Phollow = Physical following.

Phollow is designed to let you follow your friends in the physical world--find out what they’ve been up to and collect their breadcrumbs. It also lets you drop breadcrumbs of your own--so your friends can follow you.

How much does it cost?

Phollow is free. Why? Because we want people to use it!

What does the diamond mean?

A diamond represents a surprise in Phollow. If you see a diamond on a breadcrumb thumbnail, that means there is something inside that your friend wants you to see when you go to the location yourself.

You can make any memento a surprise--a photo, a message you recorded, or text you wrote. Surprises are meant to be messages and photos shared among friends--for now. We have lots of ideas for how to make them more interesting. Currently, why not take a photograph of what you want for your birthday and send your friends off to the store to get it for you? Or let your friends know the best dish in a restaurant--they can use it to order the same thing when they go there!

What is PhollowTheMoney?

PhollowTheMoney is a way to help Phollow users discover where they can use LevelUp--and, more importantly, where they have LevelUp credits!

Just look for the LevelUp logo on the Nearby tab, or go to the Credit tab directly. Phollow any breadcrumb created by PhollowTheMoney and you can pay from within Phollow when you arrive!

You don't have to phollow the breadcrumb to use it with LevelUp, however. Just open any PhollowTheMoney breadcrumb and tap on the QR code icon. That will take you to your LevelUp account!

Why Phollow?

We wanted to make it easy to share and to find that kind of information.

How can we contact you?

We’d love to hear from you! Phollow is new and we really want to know what you think. Tell us about problems you had with the app or suggestions on how to make it better. You can click on the Send Feedback tab within the app, you can click on Contact us below, or you can send mail directly to support@phollowapp.com